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For many years we, The Premier Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), which has provided customers with affordable, functional, and quality machines that not only work for your home but for your wallet too! Each system is professionally refurbished above and beyond industry standards to ensure you receive a product that you won't regret purchasing.

Bamtek provides you with a quality refurbished system with rigorous requirements to enter and standards that must be maintained in order to be awarded the title of MAR, we make it our duty to provide a system that is installed with Genuine Windows Software, Tested to comply with the standards that can provide an excellent experience. Whether you need just one or a fleet of refurbished computers is a robust and reliable computer to suit your home, business, or gaming needs.

Years of Experiance


Nourishing life with technology

These days every single person is known with the word-computer. We can find computers at everywhere around us. In fact modern world will be incomplete without computers and their applications. It’s almost impossible to even imagine the modern facilities without the use of computers. For many individuals computer means PC, on which they can see movies, play games, prepare office sheets and manage daily planners. But this is just a page of the book of computers.

Computer means much more than a PC. A computer can simply be defined as a machine which takes instructions and perform computations and operations accordingly. These commanded instructions are known as programs and computers execute these programs to do an operation. At a time, a set of instructions can be given to a computer to perform several operations, simultaneously. This feature is a point of distinction for the computers.


Serve for a brighter future

We all play a role in preserving the environment, and our collection takes a different approach to promoting a culture of using electronic equipment by offering products that are somehow out of the sales cycle and reusing them instead of throwing them away.

After the pandemic and the bad economic conditions of the world, more and more people show interest in refurbished or second-hand products, and this will be an incentive to approach and realize this movement.



Company Structure

Surely computers have very elaborated role in daily day life of humans. The biggest proof is present at our surroundings. Just having a look around at our surroundings will be enough to prove the involvement of computers in everyday lives. Shopping, banking, traveling, stocking, literature, entertainment, public sector, private sector, almost everywhere computers are playing their roles efficiently. Computers can be designated as one of the most creative innovations of human beings. In coming days computers are even going to be more pervasive, because technology is getting advanced day by day.


Bamtec Co.

Save money and planet at the same time!

Refurbished devices work like brand new, but with two significant advantages, they cost less and less on creating CO₂ and electronic waste for the planet.
So you will save money and help to create a cleaner environment. Let’s start today and Try it for 30 days, If you don't love it we'll take it back.